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Are There Different Types of Short Term Drug Rehabs?

A short term rehab is a program which treats individuals for substance abuse over a very brief period of time, typically 7 to 30 days. This isn't the appropriate length of time for each and every person in drug rehab, this is just one of the rehab options available. Short term rehab is going to prove most beneficial for individuals who don't require an extensive stay in rehab, such as those who haven't yet developed an intense dependence and who don't have a significant history of substance abuse. If someones substance abuse history is limited and they want to stop it before it progresses to the point where they need extensive treatment, a short term drug rehab is the perfect option. If an individual with more significant substance abuse issues does choose a short term drug rehab, they may want to consult with treatment counselors about a more long term treatment option. This will ensure all of their treatment needs are met and they don't relapse in the future.

There are different types of short term drug rehabs to choose from. For instance, there are the traditional 12-step programs or more personalized drug rehab programs which develop a treatment plan based on each individuals unique needs. The 12-step model isn't going to prove successful in all cases, and some treatment clients may have tried this type of rehab in the past and found it didn't work for them. Sometimes, an individuals own ideals and beliefs may differ from that of a 12-step rehab. For example, maybe an individual doesn't want to have to call themselves an addict for the rest of their lives, and they truly believe they can be completely cured so they never have to carry this burden again. There are short term drug rehabs which offer alternative treatment plans proven to accomplish this goal and provide a full recovery from addiction.

So individuals who want to make their time in short term drug rehab most productive can rest assured that there are many different types of programs, and one which will make sense to them and be able to meet their needs and ideals. A perfect example of this would be a program which utilizes a holistic approach to help the individual overcome substance abuse. Holistic short term rehab not only addresses acute physical symptoms but helps individuals overcoming substance abuse issues by going much deeper. Many substance abuse issues can be resolved when the individuals psychological and emotional triggers and attachments are resolved, which is what holistic rehab aims to do. This is just one example of a very suitable and effective alternative to a traditional approach that has been proven to work time and time again.

While any type of short term rehab aims to help all clients, the services offered can be very limited due to the short amount of time the individual will remain in rehab. Always keeping ones options open is a good idea, in case a more long term option is going to prove more beneficial.